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Maintenance and Repair

(Temi Robot)

After-sales policy

This After-Sales Policy (Terms) includes temi's (Product's) Limited Warranty (Limited Warranty), Return Policy, and other information relevant to you after you purchase the Product.

By using this product, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms.


This agreement is part of the terms of use of this product ( Terms used in these Terms but not defined therein are defined in our Terms of Use. We encourage you to read and understand our Terms of Use as they may affect your legal rights.

WARNING: Review all product warnings in the Safety Precautions before using the product. Failure to comply with the warnings will void the following limited warranty. 

One or Three year(s) limited warranty

Except as otherwise noted below, for one or three year(s) (warranty period) from the date of purchase of the Product, terms of use, safety warnings, other user manuals, safety guidelines, in-app notifications, and service communications (collectively, temi's configuration) Materials), temi warrants the product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials when used normally.

The warranty period may vary depending on the part of the product experiencing problems or the country of purchase.

Except as limited by law, this limited warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of this product. This limited warranty is not transferable to subsequent users of the Product or to any third party. In addition, this limited warranty applies only to products purchased from temi or its authorized distributors. temi staff are not authorized to make any changes to this Limited Warranty.    


This limited warranty does not apply to any of the following:

  • Damage or failure caused by abuse, accident, neglect, improper handling, improper installation, misuse, or failure to use the product in accordance with the terms of use, safety warnings, or other materials that constitute temi;

  • Damage caused by collisions, fires, floods, or other external factors;

  • Damage due to use outside the operating range of temperature, humidity or other harsh environmental conditions;

  • Damage caused by unauthorized modification, disassembly, or tampering by anyone other than temi staff;

  • Damage caused by unauthorized service providers, technical support, third party products, or non-genuine parts and/or accessories (even if sold with the Product);

  • Damage caused by use of an incorrect or defective battery or charger, or misuse of the charger;

  • Damage caused while carrying a weight higher than the upper limit determined by the materials of construction of the temi;

  • Data lost or damaged by the Product;

  • Software provided with the Product or software subsequently installed;

  • Products or parts with altered or removed identification labels;

  • Normal wear and tear of the Product;

  • External damage, including but not limited to scratches or physical damage to the surface of the Product; and

  • Damage caused by non-compliance with the safety warnings listed at


Please keep the packaging in which your temi arrived. If your temi is not returned in the same packaging in which it arrived, it may not be covered under this limited warranty. 

To make a claim under this Limited Warranty, you must contact us within the warranty period and provide a valid proof of purchase, receipt or order number (if purchased directly from temi).

Through customer service, we may repair your product or resolve issues remotely.

Contact us by phone, email or live chat on our website. Remotely diagnose and try to resolve the issue.

In many cases, simply downloading and installing a software update may resolve the issue.

Customer service is only available in the region where the product was purchased.

For customer service in your area, please contact temi.    

If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, we may ask you to return the Product (^Carry-in), with temi's original packaging required.

^Carry-in maintenance: Refers to the process of physically transporting the equipment to our designated maintenance facility. This allows our skilled technicians to thoroughly inspect, repair, and service the equipment in a controlled environment, ensuring the highest quality of workmanship.

After we receive the returned product, we will review your claim to determine if the returned product is covered by our limited warranty.

If it is determined that the product has a warranty defect, alternative remedies will be provided as described in the section below entitled "Sole and Exclusive Remedy".       

If your temi can be repaired, but the cause of the problem is not covered by this limited warranty, we will do so for a fee. In that case, we will not start the repair until the customer agrees with temi's estimated price.

If the customer does not agree with this estimate, the product will be returned subject to the shipping costs. 

Sole and Exclusive Remedy

Your sole and exclusive remedy, and our sole and entire liability, for any damage or defect covered by this limited warranty is to repair the damaged or defective part, and we There is also Replacement parts provided by temi may not be new, but are in good working order and are at least functionally equivalent to the original product or part. Replacement parts may have different serial numbers. If you do not want your product repaired and would like to return it for a refund, please see our return policy below.

If 14 days have passed since the delivery of the product, we will not be able to accept the return for any reason. Repaired products are warranted as described above for the remainder of the warranty period that applied to the original product.  


temi is not responsible for any loss of data uploaded to the product.

For more information about data, please see our privacy policy at

Please note that you may lose data during the repair. Therefore, it is recommended to back up your data before repair.  

Nothing in these Terms affects the inability to waive any statutory rights applicable to you.

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with temi and would like a refund, please do so within the first 14 days under the terms of this return policy.

Please keep the packing box and materials in the same condition as when your temi arrived. No returns unless in full original packaging. 

If you discard the box, you must contact us to request a new box.

You will be charged the box fee and shipping fee. Shipping Temi in packaging other than the original (or replacement) packaging materials is prohibited. Shipping Temi in any other box will damage Temi and will not be eligible for a refund (and void the above limited warranty).   

Except for returns of products covered under the Limited Warranty, all other returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of the product. To make a return, please contact temi at or contact a temi authorized dealer.

We do not process returns in the following situations:

  • If the product is not returned in its original packaging;

  • If you do not return the product with all accessories;

  • If you are unable to provide legal proof of product purchase;

  • If the product is not in new or like-new condition, or is damaged, or if you fail to provide evidence that the damage occurred during shipping.

  • the product is damaged or defective and is not covered by the above limited warranty; or

  • If there is any indication that the product label, serial number, or other markings have been tampered with or altered.

All data, including confidential and proprietary information, must be removed from the device (factory reset) before returning it to us.

If you are unable to remove such information, please contact us. 

If you receive any of the Services covered by this Agreement, you authorize temi to store, use and process Log Information and contact information such as name, phone number, address and email address.

You understand and agree that it is necessary for temi to collect, process and use data to perform these services.

We may contact you to inquire about your satisfaction with our services or to notify you of product recalls or safety issues.

temi may request permission to access, use and process image data stored on the product when requesting after-sales service.

If refused, temi may not be able to provide certain after-sales services.

For more information on how we handle your data, please see our Privacy Policy. (

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